Professional Photographer

Eglė Sapagova

Hey there! My name is Eglė. I am a creator and an artist. After a long time trying to find myself, I finally came to the conclusion that my place is in photography. Yes, behind the lens of my camera, I can feel and express myself. I don’t hide behind the lens – I use it to create.

I am a sensitive person. Being sensitive to the outside world gives you a unique opportunity to see the surroundings differently, to appreciate things more and to notice the most subtle details. This is very important in my work.

Reality and feelings are very important for me. I feel happiest when I capture the true essence of people. I believe that when people are relaxed and just being themselves, the photos simply radiate their inner beauty.

I am on a journey of continuous development as I improve my skills and find ways to implement new ideas. The smiles on my customers’ faces inspire me to never stop creating. Would you like me to join in your journey? I would be privileged to share in your joy and capture your happiest moments.